Online classes

Step by Step guide to joining online classes

Welcome to our brief guide on how to join our online forum.

1. Sign up for free

You can either set up an account through the desktop function or by downloading the free Zoom app on your apple or android device.




On any of the three options above you will see a SIGN UP, IT’S FREE option, in the image below, it is in the top right corner.


Click on the link and enter your email address.

2. Activate your account

You will then receive an email, to activate your account, please see image below:


Once you activate, you will be asked to fill in details, name, surname, password and confirm password.

Once the above is complete your account is active!

3. Add Fitness Vibe HQ as a contact

If you are using the app on your phone, navigate to your contact list and add an external contact.

Search for and add us as a contact and let us know when you have done that so we can look out for the invite.


If you are planning to use a laptop, you will need to download the ZOOM CLIENT FOR MEETINGS. You can find this by going to Resources, in the top right hand side of your screen (image below).


and download as shown below.


Install the app on your laptops, sign in using the details you set up in Step 1 and then the screen below will appear.

Navigate to Contacts (4th icon at the top), and using the + sign next Channels, and add us as a contract (see second image below).



We will then get a notification that we have been added by a new contact, and until we have accepted, it will appear as per the below image.


4. Find a space at home and look out for our online timetable

You are now ready to join our classes!!! Wait for further instructions regarding bookings for specific sessions, get your gym clothes ready and find a nice open space at home to join our workouts. Looking forward to seeing you on our virtual dance floor soon!!

5. Joining classes

For each class you will be sent a specific invite with a meeting link. Use this link to enter the live class. You can only join this class using this link so it is important that you take note of it.

Do not try and ring the host on Zoom once the class has started as this brings disruption to both the instructor and the sound quality is interrupted.

Please always have your audio on mute as this also creates feedback and sound distortion for both the instructor and the other participants.

We have set up waiting rooms for each session, so that you can join the meeting promptly at the start time. Please join the meeting ahead of the scheduled start time so that the instructor can admit you to the room.

Once the class has started, the instructor / host will only be able to add you between tracks or at an interval and so you may miss a portion of the class.

Any issues / concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

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