Virtual Rooms – Participate in a Live class

Fitness Vibe Virtual Rooms

Create your account using the link you have been provided with.

This will either be the generic link or replace /virtual-rooms working with the name of your instructor, e.g

This supports them and shows where the referral has come from. You only need use this link to create and account.

You may be asked or your bank details, but please do not worry as you have a 7-day free trial and no payments will be deducted.

From now on…

To sign in, use the following URL: and enter your user and password to access the Fitness Vibe Virtual Rooms.

Now you are ready to participate in any class you like.

Simply scroll through all the libraries and take your pick.

For Live Classes:

Log on as above before the class start time and process to Room 02 – LIVE ROOM and select the first link: <> LIVE SESSION


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