Bokwa® Platinum

Bokwa® Platinum

What is Bokwa®?

A fun and easy to follow fitness class. Each move is based on a letter or a number and can be performed low or high impact. As you get more confident with it you can add jumps, shimmy and shake and add your own style. Because it is so easy to adapt, people of all ages, sizes, shapes and levels of fitness can enjoy the same class.

What is Bokwa® Platinum?

The music played in Platinum classes is slightly different and the moves are broken down a lot more with the older participant in mind.

However, anyone is welcome in my classes. Bokwa® Platinum is also idea for new nums or people just starting or returning to exercise.

Benefits of Bokwa®

It’s good for your heart, it improves your mood and brain function, increases stamina and burns loads of calories which helps with weight loss.

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