Tribe Cycle

Tribe Cycle

Aimed at:

Seasoned spin class participants and novices alike. Come along and RIDE WITH YOUR TRIBE!

How TRIBE does it:

Tribe Cycle is an indoor group cycling workout where you control the intensity. Soak up the fun by keeping it low impact or crank it up and fire off all the bits you never thought existed. Our Tribe Cycle Leaders, will take you on a journey of climbs, sprints and flats in order to reach your cardio peak with full synchronicity with other Tribe Members, then bring you back down.

Tribe Cycle will contribute to raising your personal performance levels, maintain brain function whilst improving your cardio fitness.

What TRIBE gives you:

Tribe Cycle is the workout which keeps on giving. The end result, improved aerobic fitness, increased personal results plus a high calorie and fat burn.

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