Maria Kleanthous, Fitness Vibe Instructor

Maria Kleanthous

Maria has been part of the Fitness Vibe instructor family since 2012 and hopes to have inspired participants since discovering and sharing her energy for Zumba® – just as she was inspired attending her first Fitness Vibe classes.

“I love being part of this energetic team but what I enjoy most is to be able to share my passion for dance and music with a room or pool full of people, who for the duration of that class can forget about everything else and just focus on themselves and the emotion the music gives them.”

“Zumba® is like no other fitness class and every individual takes from it what they individually need – it’s truly inspiring!”

“I knew after attending my very first class that I would be addicted to Zumba® – the combination of pumping music, choreography, fitness, cardio, sweat is just up my street!”

Maria has made some great friends on her Fitness Vibe journey and hopes to continue to motivate and energise all those who attend her classes.

Position: Instructor; Date of Birth: 22 March; Star Sign: Aries

Licensed to teach:

Zumba® – Zumba®, Aqua Zumba® and Zumba® Gold

Other proficiencies: Ballet, Tap

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